Block paper bags have a separate bottom, which is an additional wall that guarantees a stable arrangement of the contents. Block bottom bags with smaller dimensions provide excellent display of products on the shelf, block bags with larger dimensions (shopping) allow you to maintain the correct position of the packed items during transport.
Block bags are made of white and brown papers in weights from 50 to 90 g/2.
The offer includes handbags:
- single-layer, designed for packaging loose products
- single-layer shopping bags without American handles
- single-layer shopping with flat or swivel handle
- double layer

Product codeProduct nameHandleDimensionWeightQuantity in packageNumber of packages on a pallet
40930Shopping bagbrown/no handle160x85x23060 g1000
40931Shopping bagbrown/no handle180x110x26560 g500
23208Shopping bagbrown/no handle220x110x320 60g250 63
40932Shopping bagbrown/no handle250x110x28060 g500
15324Handle bagbrown/twisted handle240x100x320 90 g25024
30937 Brown bagbrown/twisted handle305x170x425 90 g10030
30940Brown bagbrown/flat handle320x220x250 70 g25030
31064Brown bagbrown/twisted handle320x120x400 90 g20028
31223Brown bagbrown/twisted handle 310x120x410 90 g15028
39722White bagwhite/twisted handle360X330X320100 g100
39724Brown bagbrown/twisted handle360X330X32090 g100
39825Brown bagbrown/twisted handle320X140X42080 g250
36938Brown bagbrown/flat handle320x120x410 70 g25020
18075Bag BREADCRUMBS NUwhite 100X60/30X275 100060