The products are intended for the HoReCa industry as well as for individual purpose. Wooden cutlery in the production process are subjected to ironing at high temperature, which causes their high resistance to bending and breaking. In addition, they are safe for health and do not affect the taste of food. Our cutlery is fully biodegradable. Our offer includes: wooden spoons, forks, knives, ice cream spoons and French fries forks.

ProductSize/CapacityPackagePcs. in packageBox
Premium knife170 x 31 x 1,8100/20 42162*1002000
Premium fork170 x 26 x 1,8100/20 42174*1002000
Premium spoon170 x 32 x 1,8100/20 42175*1002000
Knife165 x 22 x 1,8100/20 20514*2000
Fork160 x 26 x 1,8100/20 20517*2000
Spoon165 x 36 x 1,8100/20 20519*2000
Tea spoon110 x 23 x 1,550100 20520*5000
French fries fork A’250 28094*73 mm8×2502502000
French fries fork A’500 28095*73 mm10×5005005000
Ice cream spoon A’250 28096*83 mm8×2502502000
Ice cream spoon A’500 28097*83 mm10×5005005000

*product code

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