A new type of folded shopping bags with a cut out and reinforced palm opening is a modern and economical product that allows convenient packaging and handling of products. Bags are made from strong, gray kraft paper. These bags are perfect for, among others in the industry: cosmetics, pharmaceutical clothing, jewelry, bookselling, office, advertising, leathercraft, electronic, etc. Certified material allows the use of bags also in the food industry. Up to 6 colors can be printed on the bags.

Product codeDimensionType of handleWeightQuantity in packageNumber of packages on a pallet
40646Torba fałd. zakup. brąz 150x65x270 notch with reinforcement5050054
40645Torba fałd. zakup. brąz 200x65x305notch with reinforcement5050033
40647Torba fałd. zakup. brąz 220x80x325notch with reinforcement6050040
40648Torba fałd. zakup. brąz 260x80x405notch with reinforcement7025042
40649Torba fałd. zakup. brąz 300x80x465notch with reinforcement7025030
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