It is one of the most sustainable packaging on the market in terms of quality and price. It is a thin film, produced with thickness starting from 7.5my, with a remarkable ability to stretch and to adhere to the product. Having the thickness that is resistant to tearing, it is able to be used, for example, for the packaging of meat with a bone. This film has an excellent memory effect, i.e. the ability to return to the initial shape. The additional advantage of this film is its "breathing" which gives the possibility to prevent condensation on the products inside of the packaging. Colloquially known as "hot tables", it is one of the most popular film on the market, used at bakeries, farms, meat shops, supermarkets, retail outlets, preserving foods in catering establishments. It is also produced in small-sized rolls for everyday use. We produce it in the form of rolls with various sizes: from several dozen to several thousand meters and various bobbins: Ø38, 50,76, 112 mm. With very high transparency, the film has a delicate strawy hue, but it can have green, purple or blue one.

Film, 100% foil, Fruit / Vegetables, Meat Industry, Producers of vegetables and fruit,
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