The films we produce are used to pack food on roller machines and devices such as tray sealers, flow packs, vacuum packers and high-performance production lines. They are used for packing: meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and mushrooms, bakery products and dairy products as well as ready meals. Also for packing fresh, processed and frozen food. Our over 30 years’ experience allows us to meet our customers' needs. Each time, we select film to suit our customers' individual packaging methods and conditions in order to optimize the packaging process. As a result, we produce laminates in many structures with various additives and effects: • Structures: PET/PE, PET/PE z EVOH, PET/PETmet/PE, BOPP/PE, BOPP/PE z EVOH, BOPA/PE, BOPA/PE z EVOH, PAPE
• additions: antifog - protection against fogging, easy peel - easy opening, open - close - easy opening again, hot tack - faster packaging on high-performance machines
• barrier: evoh, alox, pvdc, pa
• effects: matte, glossy, metallic, paper touch
• widths from 65 mm to 1300 mm
• thickness from 32 microns
possibility of printing film at the customer's request - our prints are produced using KODAK Flexcell NX technology (flat dot raster technology) with a ruling of up to 175 lpi with various types of hybrid raster (including the latest MAXTONE SX) improving the print quality in the lightest and darkest places of printing: larger tonal range (even from 0-100% instead of 2-95%), greater contrast and print purity, stochastic rasters (including STACCATO NX) - complete elimination of the Moiré effect. Additional technologies improving print quality: PURE FLEXO (improves print quality and reduces (improves print quality and reduces raster dot gain), ADVANCED FLEXO (improves print quality, including solid surfaces).

Film, 100% foil, Fruit / Vegetables, Meat / Fish / Cheese, Meat Industry,
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