A device used for packing foodstuffs: bread, cakes, sausages, meat, fish, delicatessen, cheese, vegetables, fruit, etc. both on trays, containers - as well as without. Hot tables are used in production and packaging plants of the above products, grocery stores, restaurants, confectioneries and cafes selling "take away". The packaging technique consists of wrapping a product placed on a tray / in a container / without it in foil, cutting off the foil using a heating list and additional welding on a hot surface of the work table. The special design of the heating element prevents hydrogen chloride from evolving during film welding.
There are 3 types of hot tables in constant sale:
* Max 450 - equipped as standard with a list and a heating top
* Max 450 MT - as above + thermostat that allows you to regulate the working temperature (in the context of various packaging materials)
• Max 450 U - hot table with shut-off strip but without heating top. Most often used for packing vegetables without using trays / containers - e.g. for packing cabbage

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